Once you join ASCENSION, you have unlimited access to all of my online training courses and programs. This includes my two 3-month programs, EIN & AEP. These programs are dripped weekly so you will need 6 months to complete them - which is good because there is a years worth of material in each! AND every new course or program I create, you automatically have free access to. In 2024, I will launch my newest 3-month program, the Strategic Leadership Program (SLP). Are you ready to DIVE IN?


    EVERY week, you can join me on Zoom for a Knowledge Share (KS). I will be discussing a topic for us to investigate on a deeper level. In the ASCENSION community, you can suggest a topic you would like me to discuss as well. After the training I will save time for an open discussion on that topic. EVERY month, you get to jump on Zoom with me for a Q&A call. This is when you bring your questions about anything you have learned to me and we will direct it together in a group format. These will be recorded and posted to this site for you to watch anytime.


    When you join ASCENSION, you have access to an elite community of like-minded people who are on this learning and discovery journey with you. You have a separate community page where you can network, collaborate, and share ideas with everyone in the community. There are different spaces, or forums, for specific conversational topics and all announcements for events will happen there. We hope that you will spend a lot of time here and that it will feel like family. I hope to see you inside this special group. JOIN US TODAY!

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When you sign up you are not committed to stay for any length to time. You may spend a month here or a year, or three! Cancel your subscription anytime. We want you inside ASCENSION because you WANT IT.


You have access to all of the Courses and Programs below and all NEW material Lena develops throughout the YEAR! In addition, you have free access to the ASCENSION ONLINE COMMUNITY. See the top of the page or click on MENU to subscribe to this elite membership site and community! With this membership you receive 260 lessons, that is almost a lesson a day for year! And that doesn't include future programs. AND, you get weekly training with me and monthly Q&A calls which is VALUED at $78,000 ($1300/hr!) This is a no-brainer! What are you waiting for, JOIN TODAY!