ELEVATE is an Online Learning Community

For all of you who want to elevate your awareness of human behavior a.k.a. Humming Intelligence (HUMINT).

What's Waiting For You Inside

This is what is included in your membership and online community.

  • Weekly Online Learning

    $1300 value (weekly!)

    You get to spend 1-hour a week on Zoom learning with Lena. The topics will vary, but they will be focused on human behavior, communication techniques, emotional intelligence, mindset, awareness, body language, deceptive analysis, and leadership skills. These sessions are the weekly Knowledge Shares (KS) Lena provides for the ASCENSION members.

  • Your Free COMPAS Guide

    Lena created a 48 page info-guide for you that you can use as a workbook. It is full of information and exercises to keep your skills sharp! Lena also includes additional reference material she will share and upload in the community that accompanies the weekly training sessions. So you get even more reference material!

  • Access to the private online ELEVATE Community

    Inside this community, you will always have access to the recorded weekly Knowledge Shares. You also get to collaborate and network with other members and have some deep-dive discussions about the content you learn in the weekly training sessions.

Don't wait to ELEVATE your awareness of human behavior.

Don't leave your future up to fate.

When you decide to join ELEVATE, you will be amazed to learn about things you wished you had known years earlier. It always happens this way. You have the chance to discover behaviors that will ensure you make wiser life decisions because you will know who to trust and what actions to take when you know who NOT to trust. Don't leave your future up to fate, take control of it NOW. You owe this to yourself. Lena's WHY behind her desire to teach others her knowledge is to help people protect themselves and make wise choices in life.